Topjoy製の2in1 PC「Falcon」の出荷は2019年4月中旬以降を予定、遅延のお詫びとして出資者全員にHDMIケーブルをプレゼント #Topjoy #Falcon #KICKSTARTER #INDIEGOGO

Topjoy製の2in1 PC「Falcon」の出荷は2019年4月中旬以降を予定、遅延のお詫びとして出資者全員にHDMIケーブルをプレゼント #Topjoy #Falcon #KICKSTARTER #INDIEGOGO

KICKSTARTER、INDIEGOGOで出資者を募っていた8インチ2in1 小型PC「Falcon」のUpdateが2019年3月22日にようやく有り、生産の進捗、出荷時期による説明が行われています


Dear Backers,

Have a nice day!

Thank you all for your trusting and spporting for our Project Falcon.We are so sorry for delaying shipment, while allow me to share the real reasons as below:

1. Intel CPU in serious shortage and this problem was fixed till the beginning of this month.

2.As a new innovative high-end star project,it took us 2-3months to develop it(In order to optimize the project and make all backers feeling and using experience much better,we spend a lot of time to improve the details,e.g. improve PCBA to make Falcon’s performance and stability much better,modify the tooling to descrease the housing gap.etc ).So that’s why Falcon only can be confirmed to be put into MP at the end of Feb.2019,  then it will take 45days to purchase material and do mass production.

From the above,why the shipment was delayed because we want to optimize Falcon to be much better to give you the best using experence of Falcon and Intel CPU shortage issue.Hope you can understand and give us some more patience,we will start  shipping all your reward in the middle of April,don’t worry about this,we will must obey   our promise.

In order to show our sincerity and apology,we will ship a relative part of Falcon such as HDMI cable or other relative part as a gift to all our backers together with your reward.We will will release new update next week to let you know what relative part you will get finally for free.

Any query just let us know.

Yours Sincerely,

Creator,Falcon team



出荷が遅れている件についてようやく記載が有り「1. 深刻なIntel CPU不足。この問題は3月初めで修正された。」、「2. CPU供給の遅延の期間にプロジェクトを最適化を行い、Falconのパフォーマンス、安定性を上げるためPCBAを改善し、マザーボード上の隙間を減らすためにツール(?)を修正。2019年2月末にMP(量産)に入れられることを確認できれば材料を購入し約45日で大量生産を行う。





















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