INDIEGOGO出資分のGPD Win 4(32GB+1TB 黒色)計270個の荷物が日本の税関に到着

INDIEGOGO出資分のGPD Win 4(32GB+1TB 黒色)計270個の荷物が日本の税関に到着

2023年3月31日の「Update #41」日本向けのGPD Win 4(32GB+1TB 黒色)計270個の荷物が日本の税関(恐らく関空)に到着したとの報告が。







Update #41全文

Update about Japan tracking number

Good morning!

For Japan users who have received tracking information, but can’t check the shipment status. I’d like to tell you that the first batch of 32+1T black has already arrived in Japan. But 7 parcels were randomly checked by the Japanese customs. As the value declared by the shipping forwarder was JPY8999, the Japan customs did not believe this value of the goods. We are coordinating and have sent emails/messages to these 7 person, but still no reply. Today the customs will contact the recipients of these 7 parcels to confirm the real value of the goods. If someone among the 7 person tell the real value of the goods to customs, the recipients of the these 270 parcels may have to pay 10% tax.  Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

どうやら日本の税関(恐らく関空)で運送業者が申告したGPD Win 4の価格は「8,999円」だったそうで、無作為に抽出された7名に税関から直接連絡を行い「GPD Win 4が8,999円という価格を信じなかった」と。


最悪日本向けの270個のGPD Win 4(32GB+1TB 黒色)に関しては「10%の税金が課される」可能性が高い模様です。








シレっと「For Japan users who have received tracking information」だけでスルーされているトラッキング番号問題、こちらもちゃんと説明したら良かったのにと思わなくもない。