CHUWI製2in1 デバイス「UBook」の400台は既に出荷済、来週にはさらに600台到着予定 #CHUWI #UBook #KICKSTARTER #クラウドファンディング

CHUWI製2in1 デバイス「UBook」の400台は既に出荷済、来週にはさらに600台到着予定 #CHUWI #UBook #KICKSTARTER #クラウドファンディング

2019年6月20日に「Update 20」が投稿され、既に倉庫の400台のUBookが出荷済。来週にはさらに600台を受け取る予定で検査後に発送となる予定のようです。


Update 20引用

Dear Backers:

The good news all coming today.


Shipping Update:

A batch of 400 pieces of UBooks were arrived at our warehouse last week, a number of them have been shipped upon the inspection. We are working on the rest of the batch, and we will try to ship them out as soon as possible. We expect to receive another batch of 600 pieces next week. Likewise, we will conduct a quality inspection and arrange for the shipping after the process.

Beside, please check your package to make sure there is no noticeable damage before signing it. If there is visible damage, please contact the logistics company for claiming damage.


Tracking Number:

Tracking numbers are not able to be provided until the logistic company send us. Once we get it, we’ll post on the update immediatly. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Unbox Video:

We film several daily working scenarios for you, including Office suite and few benchmarks running.














Unbox Videoも公開

パッケージや付属品一覧、ベンチマーク、ゲーム類が確認できる「Unbox Video」が公開されています。



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