CHUWI UBookに35万ドルのストレッチゴールが追加、超狭ベゼルバックライト付きキーボードにアップグレード予定 #CHUWI #UBook #crowdfounding #KICKSTARTER #クラウドファンディング #Surface

CHUWI UBookに35万ドルのストレッチゴールが追加、超狭ベゼルバックライト付きキーボードにアップグレード予定 #CHUWI #UBook #crowdfounding #KICKSTARTER #クラウドファンディング #Surface

先日ご紹介したCHUWI製の2in1 タブレットPC「UBook」に新たなストレッチゴールが設定され、35万ドル達成で「超狭ベゼルバックライト付きキーボード」にアップグレード予定である事が公開されました。



The figure is growing faster than we expected, we had unlocked free keyboard, stylus to every backer for now on. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us!

Meanwhile,we launched a new type of stretch goal to return the enthusiasm of you:

US$350K—The “standard keyboard” will be upgraded to the “ultra-narrow bezel backlit keyboard”.

What are the differences between the old one and new one?

Compared with the original keyboard:

-1. The biggest change is the narrow bezel, which brings the increase of keycap and key spacing that have been reported to increase by 15% and 20%, respectively.

-2. The keystroke of the new keyboard has been increased by about 10%. Enjoy more comfortable typing experience.

-3. Furthermore, the upgraded keyboard has also made significant improvements in material—skin-like dust-proof polycarbonate with bright surface spraying and elegant light grey color.

-4. Keyboard spindle and back cover are made of a whole piece of high-quality leather, high wear-resistant and it can ensure hundreds of thousands of opening/closing.

-5. Backlight is also available for new keyboards.