GPD P2 Maxの試作を開始、試作品に問題がなければ量産には約5日間で移行、1回あたり300~500台の出荷を予定 #GPD #GPDP2Max #P2Max #UMPC #クラウドファンディング

GPD P2 Maxの試作を開始、試作品に問題がなければ量産には約5日間で移行、1回あたり300~500台の出荷を予定 #GPD #GPDP2Max #P2Max #UMPC #クラウドファンディング

2019年8月4日の「#Update 8」時点で「計画に変更がない場合、8月12日頃に出荷します」と記載があり「嘘でしょ!?」と思っていましたが、その翌日に「#Update 9」が投稿され、より詳細の内容が公開されていました。


#Update 8抜粋

If the plan has not been changed, we will ship it around the 12th,August.

Regarding the charger of P2 Max, we have four specifications of American, European, British and Australian regulations that are different charger according to your country. If you have special requirements, such as the address like that you are staying in the EU, but you need a US charger, please send an email to

Each order will be accompanied by a fluorescent film and USB port LED light. In addition to the Japanese users will send a Japanese version of the fluorescent stickers, other users will provide English fluorescent stickers, if you are in Japan, but need English fluorescent stickers, please Send an email to

In addition, please check whether the reserved address information is complete, including whether to provide zip code, mobile phone, which are required for express delivery. If it is incomplete, or want to modify the address information, please send an email to as soon as possible and reissue complete information.






#Update 9抜粋

P2 Max has started trial production, the first batch is about 200 units, if there is no problem, mass production will begin. The cycle of trial production to the mass production is about 5 days. During the mass production period, the single delivery is between 300 and 500 units, P2. Max expects to be finished the delivery by three times or four times.

するとその翌日「P2 Maxの試作を開始、最初のバッチは約200ユニットで問題がなければ大量生産を開始。試作から量産までのサイクルは約5日間で、大量生産中は1回の配送で300~500台を予定。P2 Maxは3回~4回の配送で終えることを期待している」との事。










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