CHUWI製2in1 PC「UBook」の品質試験で問題発生、ディスプレイの金型の修正で完璧に近い製品へ #CHUWI #UBook

CHUWI製2in1 PC「UBook」の品質試験で問題発生、ディスプレイの金型の修正で完璧に近い製品へ #CHUWI #UBook

2019年6月4日に「#Update 17」が投稿され、無作為に抽出した100台のデバイスで厳密なエージングテストを行った所、問題がランダムに発生しているようです。


#Update 17

Dear Backers,

We are so sorry to inform you the challenges we confront with the production time, it was the darkest time we might go through.

Last week we spent an inspection tour to factory, as we know the fact that the first and second batch of UBook were going to be sent out last week. However it`s found that there are issues after the strict ageing test in 100 devices randomly.

Step1: Put them in -20°for 24 hours then back to normal in 2 hours, later 60°high temperature 24 hours testing then back to normal in 2 hours.

Step2: After making sure all the function could work well, with 24 hours music&video playing during charging.

The test will be ok only if all the randomly selected device could pass. Unfortunately, two of them showed gaps around the edge of screen, any little screen trouble will harm user experience would be intolerable.

We can`t take the chance on the screen which may cause lower experience after half year using. Right there we decided to take another few days to take better solution to reshape and refurbish the case to limit the possible bending to 0.5mm, rebuild every single UBook by Professional-grade software with dispensing machine until bringing the blueprint precisely back to reality.

The previous H3 stylus will be upgraded as not only a gift but also a rewarding to everyone with powerful H5 stylus, which will supports 2048 pressure  level, the screen will react precisely in the are a of its touch without ever having to touch your screen twice.

Surely there are several delay happened before, various setbacks and problems delayed production. The fact is no matter how awful the situation would be, the core value inside our campaign is always to bring cool stuff to every backers with high-quality and fancy exterior, it`s unchangeable.

The fresh UBook will arrive at our company next week. After being tested by our product team and system built, the shipment would start soon.

Much appreciate your continuous support which brings us to the stage to have a chance we would cherish forever to bring better device to each one, just like what we reiterate: For lover & by lover. The determination are always there to go through the tough days for all of us.

Thank you















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