INDIEGOGOで出資したGPD Winの出荷は10月20日から開始、CPUはZ8700で出荷


GPD WIN Intel Z8750 Win 10 OS Game Console Update – INDIEGOGO

INDOEGOGOから出資キャンペーンを開始した「GPD Win」ですが、ようやく出荷予定が更新され、10月20日頃から発送を開始するとの連絡がありました。



Dear Backers.

Sorry for the late update of the shipping schedule. The first batch of the second mass production of GPD WIN will be finished October 20.And we will start delivery to Indiegogo backers from October 20.As the international logistics is a little complex.we hope can finish 100-200 orders each day. So please be patient,we will delivery for you as soon as possible.

The final processor of GPD WIN is Z8700 ,Not matter the pro-order unit and final unit. Because Z8700 is more stable than Z8750. We are trying to get touch with Intel to solve this problem. But it may need a period of time.So in order to avoid too much international repair and a long time delay. We final decided to changed it into Z8700. Really hope you can understand.

And please check your shipping address and confirm it again. If your need to do any update about your shipping address,please DON’T change it by yourself in your indiegogo page,it’s no function. Because we already export all of shipping address. So any update of your shipping address.please contact me: .

GPD WinのINDIEGOGO注文分は出資時の計画通り「ESTIMATED OCTOBER 2016」が守られそうで、10月20日以降順次発送していくとのこと。




INDIEGOGO発送分のCPUがAtom x5-Z8700なのかx7-Z8750なのか分からないとのことでしたが、今回の発表により「Atom x5-Z8700」になることが確定しました。